5 ways to deal with unraveling

[photo credit] I’ve been in a muddle lately. My mind has been wound up so tightly for so long, taut as a tightrope, ready to send whatever is demanded of me—words, ideas, PowerPoint graphics, meals, wisdom, hugs & kisses—flying through the air and landing squarely where it needs to. I’ve been an athlete training for […]

Rest: Watch how I do it

[photo credit] Have you ever noticed that it is only when you are fighting sickness, or an injury, that you think of health, and long for it? Or when you’ve seen only gray skies for a week straight and would give anything to see the sun peek from behind the clouds? That is me and […]

What grounds me

Being a superhero with my little boy. Soren in his Spiderman suit and mask, me with a pillow as my Captain America shield, we run back and forth across our little house, calling forth the bad guys from corners and closets, wrestling with each other to see who is the toughest superhero, feeling that we can […]

A game plan

[photo credit] Last week—in the nervous anticipation of a new school year—I threw my hands up and let go. To hell with it all, I’ll just rest. This week—in the inevitable starting up of demands and a quickly filling calendar—I took one step after another, and listened. Is that a game plan I hear? First, […]

So rest.

Oh yeah. This is what it feels like. Burnout. The summer semester ended with a flurry of paper-writing and research protocol-revising and Power Point slide-making, and then I crumbled to the floor in a dead heap. This time every muscle in my body remained tense because they knew of no other way to be. This […]